This Is The Home of Directed Crowdsource Marketing.

OSIGN stands for Open Source Idea Generation Network. We're a virtual ad agency. A collective of seasoned marketing pros serving as your pathfinders in the changing world of crowdsourcing. We have decades of experience in every agency discipline, to bring what you expect from a full-service agency partner - with the fast, fresh thinking the global workforce can provide.

  • "Our appeal is fresh thinking, efficient execution. OSIGN clients get Director-level strategic leadership, with the speed and value of the global crowd."
    Craig Bittner
  • "Half the job is recognizing the truth. The other half is being willing to tell the truth. Another half is making sure the truth gets told to the right people."
    Kent Gilbert

Crowdsourcing Isn't New.
But It Is Definitely Improved.

Companies have been issuing open calls for creative marketing work for a few years now. But this model has largely ignored the value of an agency partner. When clients are forced to direct their own work, focus can shift to execution ahead of the big picture. Often, brand strategy takes the back seat. OSIGN gives clients the best of the crowd, with real agency support.

  • "Design is the core of the OSIGN mentality. We place design principles throughout our business process. It's a powerful way to look at commerce."
    Kent Gilbert
  • "We are seasoned pros from traditional agencies bonded together to end the red tape of traditional agencies. We kept what works, and jettisoned the rest."
    Gavin Johnston

Our In-House Capabilities List
Extends Around The World.

From traditional campaigns to digital, interactive, development and programming, your OSIGN team helps you get the insights and nail the strategy. We help you write the brief. We direct the crowd to produce fresh, exciting work. We help you execute the media plan. So wave your flag. Send a signal that you want to do more, for less - with Open Source Idea Generation Network.

  • "The global creative workforce constantly challenges what we do, how we do it and what we offer. We are exposed to unexpected ways of thinking every day."
    Craig Bittner
  • "Why does a world-class chef buy Spam? Why does a mom buy her nine-year-old an iPhone after swearing she won't? Let's ask better questions."
    Gavin Johnston

Get Noticed. Drive Engagement.
Exceed Objectives. Make Money.

It's our chronology for success. By learning what truly interests people, OSIGN operatives* create killer campaigns that drive the bottom line. Our planning favors no channel or discipline over another. Strategy determines the smartest way to reach the right consumers. Then our Director-driven process spurs the global Crowd into ad-making action.

They Invented A Category

It’s cool working with a true category pioneer. Mueller coined the term, Sports Medicine. And a major league industry was born. OSIGN operatives* helped reinvent their e-commerce website and redefine tone to athletes, trainers, coaches and parents. With Mueller, everybody stays in the game.

Passwords Aren’t Enough

The best news first about this client: They sold to Microsoft. And yes, we at OSIGN like to think we had a little to do with it. But certainly the fact that PhoneFactor was one of the easiest to implement multifactor authentication solutions ever invented? Ok, that was probably a factor in the sale as well.

These Cats Went Guerilla

CAC was a stealth campaign for FelinePine to educate on the dangers of clay litter. It resulted in droves of Facebook followers. The website was one of the most visited in the category. And we ran full page ads in the NY Times. So just to shut us up, our client was bought by the competition. Ka-ching.

Changing Lives… BTS

How sexy can accounting and database management really be? What about an organization that offers accounting and database services for other not-for-profit organizations? The appeal was not in what they do but why they do it. And to get the attention they deserved, they needed to display who they were. An organization that changes lives…behind the scenes.

Awnings Are Art

Google awning companies anywhere and you’ll find a pretty consistent message: we’ve been around a long time; we’ll work hard to earn and keep your business; and we’re an ethical bunch. Turn that message into something users can related to and the ideas and the content just keep on coming. Awnings Are Art has become a statement that helped bring about a major shift for this local awning company.

It’s a Lark.Life for us

Help and came to use with a concept. We built it into a business and an exciting proof-of-concept that is currently in Beta. So, while we’re looking for customers to fill the system, we’re also looking for investors to help take it to the next level. OSIGN was there every step of the way to help guide and create something truly unique within a small budget.

High-Touch Of A Boutique.
Firepower Of A Multinational.

Most agencies have big overhead. Charge big fees. Employ lots of people. And they outsource big parts of their work. (They just don’t tell you.) OSIGN is smarter. We're about value. Everyone is freelance. Our Directors are a conference call away. Our crowd is worldwide and ready to go. Let's talk today about how the agile nature of OSIGN can benefit your brand.


We Want to Hear Your Ideas,
So We'll Share Some of Ours.

We can't stop talking about products we use, brands we respect and ideas we admire. The shrinking of our creative planet intrigues us as well. The walls are closing in, in a good way. We're communicating quicker, and processes that used to be super specialized have streamlined so clients get better marketing value than ever. If you have any ideas or opinions to share, throw down. We want to hear you. And we'll keep the pipeline flowing from our end, too. Promise.

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