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Support Kansas City’s mission was easy enough to understand. They provide accounting and database services to not-for-profits, allowing these organizations to thrive by focusing on the good they want to achieve in the community and around the world. SKC is a very passionate yet humble group. However, their service to our community goes beyond accounting and database management. To most of their clients, they mean the difference between failure and success. This means that many of the good intentions these not-for-profits have could not grow as quickly – or would fade altogether. SKC would always point out that “your mission is our mission.” However, this statement failed to capture the impact they’re having on the community. Not only this, it’s target was strictly for not-for-profits. Through many discussions with staff, clients and community leaders, we quickly discovered how much Support KC mattered to so many people. And we wanted that impact to be known. So, we helped them discover their “Why” – the reason they do what they do: We change lives… behind the scenes. This simple statement quickly took shape into designing a new logo, assets, website and philosophy. Even still we’re turning the mirror inward coming up with ways we can make this statement ring true across every execution. More than a tag line, it has become a mantra for how they look at themselves. And that is the beginning of transforming how others look at them – creating more than another not-for-profit, but a model that can be replicated to others. Check out their website You may find that some of your favorite charities are supported here.
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  • April, 2015
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