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Lark (the first name of this client) came to us through a referral. A dueling piano player by trade, she didn’t want to create a website. She wanted to create a business – and a long-term career for herself and others. She used to be a Personal Assistant of a prominent CEO and received a lot of value from having that type of job as she worked her way through college. She saw an opportunity to share that experience with others. The result was a concept similar to Uber, but instead of cab rides, she was offering personal assistants to take care of all of those tasks that drain your time throughout the day. There were other task management sites out there for everything from handyman work to babysitting, but they were all intended for “one-and-done”  projects. This was to be something different – something we later referred to as “relationship-based task management”. She started with a Word Press site and the name “Help and Hire”.  She soon realized that the capabilities needed was something Word Press could not handle. There was a lot of work to be done. OSIGN provided a lot of consultation on how the business should operate, created all of the content and messaging, company name and logo – and most importantly all of the backend functionality and ecommerce so that clients and larks (our new name for personal assistants) could find each other – and an administrative backend that could manage everything. Working with the budget of an individual without an investor was a significant challenge, but we were able to create something truly unique and sustainable. A project like this never truly ends, but we created a brand and an infrastructure that puts the power of the business squarely in the hands of the client.
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  • November, 2015
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