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Making darn sure people are who they say they are has never been more important. PhoneFactor was ahead of the curve in providing high-tech, easy-to-use two-factor authentication via smartphones. They weren’t the first to develop the technology, but they made it so simple others took notice. Like Google, who followed with their own two-factor authentication system using phones to access Google accounts. And Microsoft, who just cut to the chase and bought PhoneFactor outright, renaming it Microsoft Azure. PhoneFactor is an innovative service that combines an ordinary phone and a simple piece of software to set up Two-Factor authentication. What is two-factor authentication? It is 2 things: Something you know: a username/password, plus Something you have: a retina, a token, or with PhoneFactor, a phone (any phone) PhoneFactor works by entering a username/password online. Then PhoneFactor calls your phone, you answer, press # and you’re logged in. its that simple. The brand started out as a side project at a VPN known as Positive Networks. We got in touch with them pre-launch. They had the product but were at ground zero regarding marketing. But they wanted to make a big splash. So we sat down to hammer out a plan. The strategy? Get in front of C-level decision makers, and their IT managers. Get PhoneFactor in the door. First, the C-Suite. We created materials that were easy enough for non-technical people to understand, while still clearly being able to realize the impact the technology would have on the business security. At the same time, we introduced white papers, videos and other more technical nformation to get IT managers interested. In all, OSIGN helped PhoneFactor with brand strategy, brand identity, GUI design and usability for the site and application. From the name to the logo to the design styles to the website to a series of marketing campaigns and videos, we helped them to get noticed.  
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