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Mueller Sports Medicine is an international corporation providing sports medicine solutions to athletes at all skill levels. They work closely with amateurs and pros alike to understand the demands placed on their bodies. This knowledge of exact needs fuels every concept, every design, every product developed. In 1960, Curt Mueller coined the phrase “Sports Medicine.” For decades, athletes worldwide found they were able to reach their best performances using Mueller products. The company’s unique offerings kept them basically untouchable with healthy awareness and market share – Mueller was a dominant player in sports medicine products, innovation and distribution. But other brands quickly came up on the company’s heels, eating up share by appealing to audiences as more edgy, more colorful, more innovative and hardcore. Mueller is a family-owned business full of competitive people. They weren’t about to give up their hard-won turf. They recognized that their brand image had faded, and in particular their website was dated and grossly underperforming as a sales tool. From strategy on up, OSIGN operatives* helped to reinvigorate the brand. A new look was in order, to more boldly and more confidently defend Mueller’s brand legacy. Full advantage was taken of sponsorships with top athletes like soccer star Alex Morgan, cricket great Shiv Chanderpaul and tennis legend Rafael Nadal. Mixing these stars, along with ‘weekend warriors’, we reminded audiences that Mueller benefits all athletes. We brought the new, confident look into the company website, helping to making it an e-commerce presence to enhance, not cannibalize distribution and retail partners. We also used social channels in unconventional ways to introduce consumers to new products while empowering them to offer feedback to Mueller’s R&D function. From design to web work to social strategy to in-store kiosk development, OSIGN continues to work with Mueller to bring trainers, athletes, coaches and parents together in a vital discussion about sports safety and recovery. We love continuing to help this iconic brand grow.  
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