Social Media

Your Audience Wants In

Crowd sourcing and social media are two branches from the same tree. Our entire business model is based on getting people from all over the world to contribute to your creative output. Setting up a Facebook page, a Pinterest board and Twitter account don’t get you any closer to your customer. Engaging their emotion and their imagination will. Contests and prizes will attract a “certain type” of crowd. Posting about what’s going on behind your doors will turn people off. Without an honest “why” in your marketing, social media becomes just a bullet point on your marketing “to-do” list. But if you can open yourself up as an organization and give something for people to believe in, they will follow with you. They will market for you. Social media makes becoming a brand advocate much simpler and and much less unobtrusive than it was before social media. If you let your audience in to who you really are, they’ll supply you with tons of free* publicity. They’ll let you know what they think, good or bad. And in social, negative feedback is just as useful as positive.

Engage the Crowd

Crowd sourcing

Eliciting the right conversation


Setting up the right channels

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