Support KC Client Stories

As you may or may not know, Support KC is going through a re-branding effort to help better communicate to our clients and not-for-profit communities who we are and the impact we can have. Since our success is so closely knit to your success, part of our story is told through the lens of clients and the impact they have on the community. We want to use our re-branding effort to bring attention to our clients as well as ourselves. And we want to continually find ways to help impact the good you do.† This survey falls in line with those objectives. This is one of our initial steps to gather deeper insight into the impact your organization has on the people you influence. So, please set aside a few minutes to look through this and answer the questions fully as you can. (And don’t worry about getting overly detailed. Our creatives will help shape these stories).† *Required Fields † You are giving us permission to share your stories.