The Hazards of Workahol

By Posted in - General News on August 4th, 2015 0 Comments Tiny Rant: We’ve all heard of the dangerous effects of workahol. But workahol, of course is a made up drug. While people use the term to imply that they’re addicted to work, others use it to say that someone is a hard worker by virtue of the number of hours they put in at the office. But workaholics are the ones that do the damage, not the substance. But what I find more interesting are the reasons why people turn to workahol in the first place. Here are the top reasons people are workaholics that I’ve found. I’d like to hear yours.
  • Their home life sucks. They don’t love work, they just don’t like the alternative even more.
  • They’re cheating. Their only self-proclaimed workahilics, but they’re not working at all.
  • They’re not good at their job. A lot of people use time as a way to cover up productivity. And a lot of bosses confuse time with productivity.
  • They’d rather have someone that is dedicated to their “work” than someone that is really good at it.
When I was a kid, I remember an instance where I was watching TV and my parents asked me to shut it off so I could go in to dinner. I didn’t want to shut the TV off. So, instead, I lowered the volume all the way down and turned the contrast all the way down so the TV was so dim and dark, that it looked like it was off. I think that’s how a lot of people are with work. They wasted a ton of energy pretending – to what end? Not only are workaholics a cancer to any organizational culture. They’re typically hiding from something – and don’t really care about personal or corporate output. So, don’t be fooled by your office workaholics. Why do you think people turn to workahol? What other insights can you bring to this topic? I’d like to write more about it, but need your help

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